Call Transfer, Hold, Mute on GXP 2xxx
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Call Waiting / Call Hold

  1. Hold
    1. Place a call on hold by pressing the HOLD button. The active LINE key will blink in green
  2. Resume
    1. Resume call by pressing the blinking LINE key
  3. Multiple calls
    1. Automatically place active call on hold or switch between calls by pressing the LINE key. Call waiting tone (stutter tone) will be audible on incoming call during the active call.


  1. During an active call, press the MUTE button to mute/unmute the microphone. The LCD will show "Talking" or "MUTE" to indicate the mute status, with Mute icon displayed on the screen.

Call Transfer

  1. Blind Transfer
    1. During the first active call, press TRAN key and dial the number to transfer to
      1. Press SEND key or # to complete transfer of active call.
  2. Attended Transfer.
    1. During the first active call, press LINE key. The first call will be put on hold.
    2. Enter the number for the second call in the new line and establish the call
    3. Press TRAN key
    4. Press the other LINE key which is on hold to transfer the call.

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