Fax21 - How to send via Portal
Posted by Jeff Waddell, Last modified by Jeff Waddell on April 20, 2019 05:41 PM

This covers how to send a fax via the Fax21 Portal (https://portal.fax21.net)

If you don't have a portal account (or don't remember your password) please open a support ticket.

  1. Login to the Fax21 Portal (https://portal.fax21.net)
  2. Click "Send Fax"
    1. Input the 10 digit destination fax number in the "Destination fax numbers" box
    2. Click "Choose File" to upload a file to fax (Note: you can only upload the file types listed)
    3. Click "Send"

You will receive an email once your fax processes. 

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